hula hoop class hong kong 香港呼啦圈班

Check out this tutorial for a great place to start! Want more? see class details below:

yoga class hong kong

 Heard about how wonderful yoga is and want to try, but not sure where to start? Not sure you want to commit to a intense contract at one of the big studios, but would like more of a taste then just a trial? This is the perfect course for you! 

Come learn the basics in a safe and secure environment, with a top notch qualified teacher. Build strength, flexibility, and confidence, all while feeling at ease with other students at the same level as you are.

Great for those new to yoga, or those who would like to review the basics, with a focus on alignment and foundational poses.

yoga class hong kong



For most of us, our modern day culture necessitates that we spend most of the day sitting. At work, on transport, even a lot of our down time is spent sitting. Since we weren’t necessarily designed to sit this much, this takes a surprising toll on our bodies. The font of our hips get tight, and then when we stand up, this tightness pulls on our lower backs. The font of our shoulders also become restricted, which can cause pain though the shoulder blades and upper back. 

In this class, we will focus on opening the front of the body (think, the opposite of sitting), especially through the font of the hips and front of the shoulders. In doing so, we will begin to loosen tight and restricted muscles in order to alleviate back pain, and reverse some of the effects from too much sitting. 

hula hoop class hong kong

 Are you bored of your exercise routine? Do you ned something to make you feel healthy, empowered, and creative? Come join a hula hoop class and explore the possibilities! Hula Hoop Dance s great exercise, tones core, legs, and shoulders, improves coordination and focus, and it’s super fun! 


Beginner Courses offer a great starting point as everyone is at the same level. All fitness levels are welcome and will benefit from the course. Classes consist of learning different ‘tricks’ or moves with the hula hoop, which are then incorporated into a type of ‘flow’ or dance. It’s pretty to watch, fun to do, and a great workout!


kids hula hoop hong kong

Join for a week full of exploration and creativity through movement. Classes will incorporate yoga themes, hula hoop dance, and art in order to stimulate and engage children on multiple levels. Yoga techniques will include breath awareness, emotional insight, and connecting to nature and those around us in a positive way. Games, stories, and partner activities will be implemented to create a fun entertaining learning environment. In addition to yoga techniques, we will also use the hula hoop as a means of creative expression through dance. Hula-hoop dance consists of learning different tricks and ways to move with the hula-hoop, which can then be incorporated into dance. We will explore possibilities with the hoop through games, dance, tricks, and creative movement. We will also create art mandalas, and hand-made hula hoops, which the children will get to take home at the end of the week! 


Classes are designed to help children improve focus, self-awareness, coordination, self-confidence, physical fitness, and spatial awareness, all while having fun! Children are often over-stimulated with such busy schedules, this course offers them an opportunity to destress, and offers them the freedom of creative movement, something which is often lacking in our structured society.

hula hoop class hong kong 香港呼啦圈班