hula hoop class hong kong 香港呼啦圈班

Check out this tutorial for a great place to start! Want more? see class details below:

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 Are you bored of your exercise routine? Do you need something to make you feel healthy, empowered, and creative? Come join a hula hoop class and explore the possibilities! Hula Hoop Dance s great exercise, tones core, legs, and shoulders, improves coordination and focus, and it’s super fun! 

Beginner Courses offer a great starting point as everyone is at the same level. All fitness levels are welcome and will benefit from the course. Classes consist of learning different ‘tricks’ or moves with the hula hoop, which are then incorporated into a type of ‘flow’ or dance. It’s pretty to watch, fun to do, and a great workout!

$1,120 for 8 week course


Baby wearing yoga is a fun way to get some exercise while hanging out with your little one. It's also a nice way to meet and connect with other new moms. Be prepared for a great leg workout, the older your baby gets, the more of a workout it will be! The first half  of the class is with babies in the carriers, while we focus on leg strengthening and pelvic floor exercises. The second half of the class is with babies on a blanket on our yoga mats, where we work on arm strengthening, stretching, and some fun baby exercises at the end! 

yoga class
hula hoop class hong kong

Doubles Hoop Workshop for those who have completed the beginners hoop course. This workshop will focus on using skills you have learned with one hoop, and applying them to two hoops! Doubles hoops are impressive to watch, and a great way to become ambidextrous! 

hula hoop class hong kong