Emma Brown

hula hoop class hong kong

Emma, from the US, started hooping in 2010 when a good friend and fellow hooper did a fire performance at her wedding, and gave her a hula hoop for a wedding present. What started as determination, quickly turned into love!  Her passion for hooping led her to start sharing what she had learned almost immediately, and she began teaching kids and adults in Thailand where she was living at the time.

In January of 2015 Emma started Turning Circles Ltd. in Hong Kong, offering a wide range of hula hoop and yoga activities. She teaches hoop to all ages, from first graders to adults, organizes hula-hoop birthday parties, performs at various events, and makes custom hand-made hula-hoops. She enjoys sharing her love of movement with others, and helping people to feel confident and comfortable in their bodies. She also loves how light-hearted hooping is, and enjoys seeing her students smile and laugh as they learn new things. 


Becky Gilmour

hula hoop class hong kong

Becky, originally from the UK, fell in love with hula hooping when she went to Glastonbury for the first time. She saw a beautiful girl totally lost in the flow of the music, looking like some magical, mystical being and knew she wanted to be part of that! For years she was happy going to festivals and just waist hooping, but then she discovered there were all kinds of other amazing tricks you could do as well. What?!!!

She really started to get into hooping when she moved to HK and found her first teacher Emma of Turning Circles! Since then her love for hula hooping has grown. 

Becky recently took it to the next level and learnt to fire hoop which totally blew her mind! 

Becky loves that there's always new tricks to discover and different styles of hooping to learn from different teachers. She has met so many incredible people through hula hooping and now has awesome friends all around the world to share this passion with.

Jackaline Chow

hula hoop class hong kong

Jackaline, from HK,  started hula hooping with Emma in early 2015. At first, it was more difficult than she expected! 

We all played with hula hoops when we were kids, so how difficult it can be, right? Actually it's pretty hard! It's more than just spinning around the waist. It's hand-eye coordination, rhythm, quick reactions, all of which come together in making a beautiful hoop dance. 

There's so much to learn and so much to teach! Come join us and expand the hula hoop community in HK!